Elise Misao Hunchuck (b. tkaronto/Toronto, CA), MLA (Daniels, Toronto) is a spatial researcher, editor, curator, writer, and educator. Based between Berlin and Milan, her transdisciplinary practice brings together architecture, landscape architecture, ecology, and media studies to research sites in Canada, US, Japan, China, and Ukraine. She documents, studies, and archives the co-constitutive relationships between plants, animals, and minerals by employing text, images, and cartographies.

Elise is currently a visiting adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (New York, US) in the M.S. Advanced Architectural Design (AAD) program (2021–current). Previously, Hunchuck was a senior researcher and lecturer at The Bartlett School of Architecture in London (2019–21) and alongside Marco Ferrari and Jingru Cyan Cheng, co-led the multi-year (2019–21) research project ADS7, an investigation of the politics of the atmosphere. She is an editorial board member for the journal Scapegoat Journal: Architecture / Landscape / Political Economy and since 2021 has been the editor and discourse curator for transmediale, the festival for digital art and culture in Berlin. ↗

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Her writing and editorial works have been published in The Funambulist, Flash Art, Fotograf, The Architectural Review, MIT Press, Onassis Foundation, Spector Books, and Sternberg Press. Forthcoming editorial titles in 2024 include Scapegoat Issue 14–15: Critical Zones (Scapegoat), The AI Anarchies School co-edited with Clara Herrmann (Akademie der Künste, Berlin), Arctic Practices co-edited with Bert de Jonghe (Actar), Media+Environment journal, Radical Rituals Part II co-edited with Berta Gutiérrez Casaos and Alkistis Thomidou (Punch Books), and Living Surfaces as English language editor to Abelardo Gil-Fournier and Jussia Parikka (MIT Press). Previous editorial projects include Electric Brine (Archive Books, 2021) alongside Jennifer Teets and Margarida Mendes, Operational Images as English language editor for Jussia Parikka (University of Minnesota Press, 2023), and Radical Rituals (Punch Books, 2022), among others.

Forthcoming written contributions for 2024 are with Damaged Goods, The Architectural Review, Duke University Press, Whitechapel London and MIT Press, Bloomsbury, and the Minnesota University Press series Art after Nature on the work and legacy of Robert Smithson.

Elise is available for general enquiries, commissions, or collaborations. Please contact her directly via email at elisehunchuck [at] gmail [dot] com.