Above ––
The Pacific Ocean materializes as fog. It moves up, into the atmosphere and rolls inland, denying the logic of horizon lines and coast lines and topography. Obscuring the horizon, our human eyes are confronted by the Ganzfeld effect. Photograph by Elise Hunchuck in Kamaishi, Japan (2015).

Your Future History
Between the land and the sea

Whenever you draw up a project plan with the intention of it being realised, you have to accept it will eventually be annihilated.
– Arata Isozaki[1]

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This thesis refuses the logic of the hard edge; it proposes coastal towns without seawalls, where coastlines are recognized through the responsive relationship between the land and the sea and where infrastructures of the everyday are designed based upon the simple premise that both the land and the sea might inhabit the same place. 

— Name, YYYY.


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