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Gareth Hammond (M.Arch 2018) makes his way through 1:1. Photograph by Elise Hunchuck (2015).

Illusions are Phenomena with Multiple Causes

Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?
—J.G. Ballard [1]

This is a design without a site but sight itself.

A group of collaborators–Suhaib Arnaout, Anita Manitius, Dakota Wares-Tani, and Elise Hunchuck–followed the design studio’s two main premises; first, venustas is delivered through the sense of sight, and second, that visual delight must precede utility.

Beginning with intensive research and appraisal of vision including but not limited to the periphery of opthamology; the mechanics of neurological image processing; and the psychology of the collective, civic space in varying iterations.

Utilising these findings, 1:1 stakes its claim: illusions are phenomena with multiples causes and must take its form accordingly.

1:1 looks for–and finds at the built scale of 1:1–a happy ending.

NotesThis design and research proposal was completed for the final review of Design Studio III (2015), part of the Master of Landscape Architeture program, with the guidance of James MacGillivray. More images to come.

1. Please see ‘Notes from Nowhere,’ by J. G. Ballard in New Worlds. No. 167, October. London: Maclaren and Sons, 1966.